Hi I am Theodore LaBash.

I am your teacher and your guide

I do lessons in the home. I come to you you do not come to me. I teach all ages and all styes of music. Professional Service Positive Results 

I have my own method and workbook “Interlock” This is a straight forward teaching aid to give you clear concise lessons that are supplemented with  videos.  The charts are clear and easy to read. No one is better equipped to do the job in home. I come on-site with a laptop and have all kinds of software for you. As a student you will have access to the LaBash Guitar Moodle . All of your lessons are there already for you      

I am part of the Guitar Pro educational division and use that software for the lessons. You can get it yourself and it will allow both of us to be completely planed out for what we need to do. Look below there is a link to a PDF to show you how clear the charts are. On the right underneath my picture is a video, hit play then enlarge to full screen.

Soon more things will be added for the new lessons page. give me a week.