Month: June 2017

June 28, 2017

I am about to add new materials

   I am about to add new materials

  I have taken a few weeks off here in June. Three of those weeks were due to a Bronchitis that was so bad. I am better now and for the next two months the site and some other projects get my full attention. I have now added LearnPress to this and will have my own learning management system right on the site. No need to go to any other link or web page.

     This will be a very detailed series of lessons to cover all the “Interlock” book. I have a big book no one has used yet. My students have only been able to get the beginners book. I have a 300 plus page book to get a student up to almost any level they wish to obtain.

I have only two months to do this so I will be locked in a little room until school starts. I found a gaping hole in both the jr college and upper graduate college that was frustrating and very difficult to get through. I hope to be able to get a music student prepped and ready to knock down four or five subjects that are basic to all music students.

     In the past LaBash Guitar Lessons was only that, a guitar teaching program. Now I will branch out and have a lot more to offer a student that wants more than just the basics. Give me some time and good things will appear.


June 5, 2017

I am using Studio One from PreSonus

I am now using a P.C for a laptop and have become a Studio One user. The software is awesome and has been easy to operate. To learn more go to this link i have provided. I have only done one track so far and here is a link to soundcloud to here it. I was done in less than 5 minutes and it sounded good for so little time. I am using Ez Drummer and soon will be upgradeing to Supior drummer. These are from Toontrack and love the software.

Presonus mixdown

June 5, 2017

New Apple desktops are nice!!!

They are much more of a Professional machine.

The new machines

Apple has heard from the pro users and have delivered a substantial update. The processors are mind boggling and there are new ports for everything you need. Go to the link and look them over.