LaBash Guitar is moving forward to online music lessons. As an undergrad, I wrote a paper on teaching music online. As I did the research, I found that it was not that hard to do. I need some time to get this right, but I will be able to do amazing things for everyone.

 I am using a software called OBS for broadcasting. It is open source and not to hard to use.

I will use another software Primcast for the viewer on the website. On the front page at the top is the menu for Live T.V. When you open the page, the viewer will be there. If I am not broadcasting, it will be black with no transmission. At the lower left of the page is a popup chat box. When I am broadcasting, you will be able to send questions while these are going on. I can have as many people as I want at a time.

Zoom is a conferencing software that is free to the student. I can have two-way communication with up to ten people at a tie. There will be a time delay, and the video quality will be harsh at first. With more effort (and more money!) this will do better, and the quality will Improve. Look at the carousel at the bottom. It contains some pictures that are in book one. Book two gets thick quick, and I will need to have the ability to coach form a distance when you practice. I am very excited about doing this and look forward to making my lessons better and a much better value to the student. I intend to broadcast twice a week.

 The book I wrote “Interlock Fretboard Mechanics for Guitar” is in two books. All of the current students have a Book one.

Book two will be much more in-depth and have somewhere in the range of 200 plus pages and videos. I have on the carousel below some pictures from book 1 and a few going to books 2.

This is a great time for me and a big load of work, so bear with me.

Check back from time to time, and new stuff will be coming out soon.