About Me

Welcome to LaBash Guitar Lessons.
Theodore LaBash has been playing guitar 50 years and teaching for 40 years. I am currently finishing my Bachelors in music at California State University Northridge.
I am also leaning toward a master’s degree in 2018 after I graduate. I also have an Associate of Arts in general studies from Piece College Woodland Hills. I also design my own websites like this one. On the social buttons, you will see all the sites I have put up to support my teaching. On this website, I have my own learning management system. All the lessons for the beginner and intermediate are completely planed out. With the advanced, I can custom make a learning environment just for that student or class program.
I teach guitar in home and on line. In the home, I do one on one and small group. The small group lessons are for family and friends and have been a lot of fun to do. The “one on one” is very personal and preferred by most. I teach all styles of playing metal, rock, blues, jazz, Fusion, classical, finger style and folk music too. I accept almost any age from 7 to 99 some a bit younger and so far, no one older.
I have my own method named "Interlock" books 1 and 2. All of book one is on video and most of book 2 is a very advanced study of all aspects of the fretboard is also on video. Look at the examples below. Book 1 is from the beginning to intermediate student. It covers Chords, pentatonic scales and the fret board. I will explain the staff, diagram, and tablature. It also has two very simple songs to start you with chord exchanges and simple rhythm for the right hand. These are all on video and all planed out in advance. I will also start with the Basics of Note reading. Each of the six strings in the first position. Look at the examples below. Book 2 is advanced. It will deal with all scales and modes all chords and their inversions and has all of the basic harmony from key signatures to diatonic sequences and beyond.
I come on site with a laptop and ton's of cool software to use for you to learn. I can also print onsite. All charts are clean and easy to read.
I have passed all background checks and am checked every semester.
I offer at no charge and no obligation a lesson free. This is for both of us. I do not know what I am going to deal with until I can meet someone and let him or her, meet me and see how we do. I teach bass guitar also and the Interlock book 2 is all that you will need for that.

Feel free to call 818-350-9064 anytime.