Meet Theodore LaBash

Graduate Pierce College A.A. Behavioral Sciences

Graduate CSUN B.A. Breath Studies Music

CSUN Masters Music Industry Admiistration

I did two years at Pierce Woodland Hills Ca.

I did music with Behavioral Science and Web design.

2015 A.A.

At CSUN I finished two years of general music.

I am a synth expert and recording engineer and composer.

I also was a classical and Jazz Guitar student.

2018 B.A.

I have finished one semester of this major I will get training in Law, Data, Management and various other programs of study. 

I will graduate in 2020.

M.SA. 2020

42 years a teacher

I started teaching local friends and was then employed by Action Drum and Guitar.I was teaching in the home here in Northridge and Porter Ranch. That was 1974.

A year later I was teaching at Cassell’s music in San Fernando on the San Fernando Mall. Al Casselle hired me. I also started at Robert’s Guitar at 7120 Topanga. I had Ted Greene’s old studio. I worked there for about four years. I also worked for Nadine’s Music and Big Valley Music. In 1994. I went on my own and did advertisement in the phone book. I was working seven days a week in home lessons.

In 2007 the economy fell apart and I had my roster reduced to 1/4 of what it was. I decided to go back to school in 2011. I went to Rinaldi Adult school to get my GED. Then I went to Pierce and then CSUN. 

Now I am rebuilding my roster and starting a solo gig with my computer to back me up. I will also find a band this year or several to work with.

When I started out as a teacher, I made charts by hand one at a time, the graphic quality was terrible. I had a friend who had a silk screen shop and equipment to make pages that were legible and clean. 

While working at Cassell’s music I started to put together a small book for my students. “Interlock” was born. I got tired of writing out every chart by hand. I felt that a good teacher should be prepared with materials ahead of time.

Fast forward to current day and I use software to make all of the charts and they are much better.

The software I have today on my computer will allow me to play music for the student and then they can work on it by themselves.

Producer of learning videos for Guitar

While I was working at Robert’s Guitar and Cassell’s I was a public access producer for Valley Cable. It is now Spectrum. I had a complete video studio with cameras and switchers and a studio with a professional lighting setup. I did over 50 cable shows over “Interlock”. I also worked on a slew of other shows. I had the chance to do camera, lighting, producing and editing.

Now I have all the gear I need to do my own videos without the need for a studio or staff. It has become much easier for me to produce and now have my own YouTube Channel

You see the graphics are very clean and each page in “Interlock” has a video for that page.

The 7th fret BEAD