About LaBash Guitar Lessons

This my Graduation from Pierce College Woodland Hills California. I have a Associate of arts in Behavioral Sciences. 

Here is my graduation from California State University Northridge Ca. I received a B.A. in music breath studies.

I am currently starting my Masters in Music Industry Administration. Graduate 2020!

My time at Pierce

I was so proud to make through the two years at Pierce. I was not trying to look cool I forgot to take off my sunglasses.

My time at CSUN

This is spring of 2018. I had a tough last semester but still overcame the obstacles and made it! 

What is next at CSUN

I am enrolled in the Masters program of Music Industry Administration. Graduate spring 2020

What has happened so far.

     I was very glad I went back to school. I gained a great deal of new tools and sharpened my basic skills in writing and psychology. I learned a lot of new things and learned a lot about myself and the mental make up of all humans. Skills in deductive reasoning are essential for anyone to be an asset to their pursuit of goals both personal and professional.

    I have gained a great deal of knowledge of digital recording using Pro Tools and Logic. I also scored a movie for my film class. The experience I gained was substantial and has opened many new and creative paths for me to follow. 

Where I go from here.

      I am making big changes in my personal and professional life. I have taught fo over 45 years and am redsigning how I do this. I have this new website and on the site is an online music school. My graduate paper for CSUN was on teaching music online. In that paper I learned of MOOC.

     Massive Open Online Courses. Is what the acronym stands for. The future is here and I am going to be at the forefront of this . The Masters in music industry administration will allow me to diversify my ability to do more with myself and allow me to work for others and be more productive and established.

     I learned a great deal from this experience. I trained in new digital media and recording technologies. I learned piano! I could always slowly pick out things but now I can read and use the keyboard for composing and scoring.

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