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here is an example of my charts

Here is an example of the video for that chart

    The two sections below are an example of how clean ands specific my assignments are. Most teachers will write out by hand at the lesson and that is simply to little for the time you have with that teacher. All of what you will see on this page is a sample of what is on the Canvas site that all of my students have access to. I am more equipped and better prepared to be ready for the student the minute we sit down. All students will have an email account and will get updates about half way through the week to see how things are going. Scroll down to see the remote feature of Zoom!

Zoom remote lesson broadcasting

      Zoom has a free component that each student can get for their computer. I have done a few broadcasts and they have went very well. I will be doing weekly broadcasts soon. I have very good camera and microphones to work with so it comes out great. You can go to this link and learn about Zoom. To implement with a student is a task that will be a one time challenge, but after that it is a breeze! Go to this link and learn more about Zoom.

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