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The Interlock Book a brief history

     I have been teaching for many years and in the late 70’s I decided that writing lessons out by hand on the back of my Gibson Les Paul was a complete waste of the students time. I needed to be prepared to do the task I was asked to do. I have worked in graphics and had a friend who had a silk screen shop. He had a camera for doing positives to make screens with. He helped me layout the Five Chords Of Caged that you will find in the book. I had another friend layout the fretboard. with the letter names to the 12th fret. I went crazy with the idea.

     The first book was done with a few photo pages and then I layed out the written stuff on a typewriter. This was very crude, but it worked. Nowadays everything is done in Finale and turned into PDF”S. No more paper for my teaching. I am completely green!

Each page in Interlock book 1 has a video that goes to it. In the near future book two will be complete and I will have the basics of the fretboard laid out for every level of student I will get. I still use the Mel Bay book for note reading but have new sections for this in Interlock


The Index to Book one

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