Lessons and lesson plans

I have a book I wrote called "Interlock" It has been around for some 35 years and lets me be prepared  with a format and a pIan of attack to do the best job I can for those who come to me.

I look at my lesson plans in three basic levels.

Entry level: This someone how has not played at all or very little. Those individuals will follow the book Interlock from start to finish over 12 weeks. I have songs that we do that are all supplemented with very clear charts and videos. I also start the note reading. Some people do not do well with this and we can use alternative methods like Tablature to work from

Intermediates: I have again a very detailed idea of the basic things the student will need to progress. This involves scales, basic harmony, and I will stress the note reading because of the writing of rhythm. Counting time is a very big issue and I need to put in musical notes to visualize it.

Advanced: These students know how to play but are in need of direction to expand their playing styles and proficiency. Most of these individuals are moving on to college and jazz band. The note reading is vital and there are a number of things that they have to do for an audition. If the note reading is not good that will seriously impact an audition immediately.

Below here you can see a pdf of the first book of which there are two.