Beginning students will have an 8 week block of basic skills to learn. This will be easy

Intermediate students have a eight to ten week block of more advanced playing

Advanced students have a 12 week block of lessons that are all encompassing for the skills to go further.

Anyone who wants to customize there course can request things specific to a style or Genre 

This is a PDF that shows the outline of the three levels. There are more things than what are listed here there are more.


This is the Diagram, Staff and Tablature page. I use all three methods to present lessons. These are the most common.


Canvas is an LMS or learning management system,  Everyone will have their own personal login and assignments.


Canvas the LMS all schools use.

I am can add supplement charts for all kinds of music and information. This is Classical guitar in notation only .

The various software I have with me when I come to the Home.

I am a Guitar Pro academic partner. As a student you get a discount on the software. It is the best and I can retrieve thousands of songs and you can practice with songs you want to learn. They pay the royalties! Mac or P.C.


This software is free and was the first on the scene to give students access to current music and it is old but very effective and …ITS FREE!!! P.C. only!

This software is Finale. The entire Interlock book was designed in this. I also have students get Finale Notepad. It”s Free! and it will play all kinds of musical exercises Mac or P.C.

Muse Score 2.3 is a free open source software.  Mac or P.C. and LInux They are now part of  IMSLP. There will be music from the Classical eras. Go  to this link :

The company PreSonus has Notation. I do like it and use it with my Studio one for doing scores. It is Mac or P.C.


TablEdit. This software has very usable features. In Particular the right hand. I have lots of different kinds of music for this. Bluegrass, Folk and even ethnic music. Mac or Windows.


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