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What I do and how I teach

The software and the Interlock Method

Piano, Recording, Harmony, theory, synthesis

     Below is a link to the Canvas website for my students. I am better equipped and structured than virtually anyone. All of the Interlock book in in video so you are getting support 24/7 365 days a year when you work with me.

Go to the Youtube Teddy440 and see the video files as a standalone learning platform.


Guitar Pro is very cool and I have a great collection of songs. Ultimate Guitar has licenses with thousands of publishers and artists to use the songs on the service, including Sony/ATV Music, EMI, Alfred, Hal Leonard, Peermusic, Faber and Music Sales. UG has a license agreement with The Harry Fox Agency through which tens of thousands of other publishers can grant rights to UG to allow users to use and share guitar tabs. Some tabs are blocked because the artist does not want them on the site. It is their right to do so. That being said, there is thousands of songs you will enjoy and learn from. As an Academic Partner, You get a discount on the software

My music scoring software.

     Finale is the program I use to make all of the Interlock pages. It is a great asset for graphics, but doers many things for e other programs don’t. Also the student can get Finale Note Pad for free and all of the files I have will play for you!

This is a chart from Finale the scoring software

      Piano students there are various books out for this. I will need to adjust what it is I am going to do with that individual. I have access to many of the books used in the school systems.

     Recording is a very in-depth subject and there are requirements to full fill. Like are you P.C. or Apple. I have both and can adjust accordingly. I use Logic on my MAc and it is my personal favorite. Pro Tools is the industry standard and is for Mac and P.C. both. It is a subscription service, but there are a huge amount of information to work with. I need to see what you are doing. A very inexpensive solution is Reaper. It is around 60.00 and is fully functional for most people. I also like Digital Performer. Below is the book I have used in college and most other school use this too.

This is a book used in all colloges

 Harmony and Theory is another deeply involved subject. With all of my students I have a fast track story to tell that will get the basic knowledge across and not get to involved. If anyone is going on to college or university, there are a few books to work from. The book at CSUN was Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka it also has a workbook for it. There are various books on the market and I need to talk to the student about what they are looking for.

Powertab editor

Powertab is free and not as involved as Guitar Pro. It does the job for any level of student.

Powertab software for guitar

Synthesis and how to use it

At CSUN we used the Dan Hoskins book. He teaches at CSUN and ids the chair for the whole music department. I has great things to learn in it and will have  plenty to work with. Other companies have publications that we can use too.

Muse score, IMSLP, Open Score.

This is the format for my Classical guitar students and my Harmony and Theory students. There is an almost limitless access to arrangements. Muse Score has teamed up and these can be opened in the player. VERY COOL!!!


Tablaedit for old school folk and fingerstyle

Tablaedit has been around for awhile. It has some unique features and very unique song libraries. I can teach very interesting stuff and Mandolin too!

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