The On-Line Music School.

     I have a Canvas page for all to use. I detest anyone who is not prepared. I don’t teach purely by lecture, it does not work. I have a concise book to use that I wrote “Interlock” I don’t charge for   materials, but the site is for students only. If anyone wants to use the book or its materials and videos, you need to ask me.

Click the Canvas link!

Software I use in Lessons

     I have a Canvas site just for my students. Click the image and you will be taken to the site. I will have to give you access. I will email you a name and password.

The Canvas site for LaBash Guitar Lessons

Below is an example of a C chord in the first position. Look how clean the chart is and the video that accompanies it. My book “Interlock” has a video for every page in the book. The second chart is of Diagram, Staff and Tablature. The video is two part open position and then closed.

The C chord
The diagram, Staff and Tab

Notation is a scoring software from PreSonus. It is great for general scoring and has a big library too

I am a Guitar Pro Education teacher. With my students, I can list them with Guitar Pro and they get it at a 20% discount. It is a great tool for me and my students. You will find an enormous list of songs to pick from. I have a set of packages with about 10 songs for each level of a student. The very advanced students will get music just for them tailored by me. 

This is Guitar Pro

“Finale” is a professional scoring software. It allows me to do graphics with great detail. Final has a free reader Notepad and will be used for some of the lessons. You see examples of the software in the videos I have created.


Muse Score is open source and it is free to use. They have the IMSLP library for most of the classical music some will want. They have complete scores for classical music.

The Petrucci Music Library. IMSLP stands for the International Music Score Library Project.

This  is a free software Powertab. It is for P.C. only. It plays and prints music








Tabledit ia software that is unique. Tablaedit has bluegrass, Banjo, Mandolin and other types of instruments. It also has diverse styles of music

This is TablEdit. It is great for folk guitar and banjo. Other instruments and styles of music are available.

Muse Score