What I teach and how.

     I have been teaching over 42 years and I have a very clear idea of what to do. I also know that people are all different. From the first time I sit with anyone I say the same thing.

“You will teach me how to teach you”

     I never know what to expect when I meet someone. I have had people that were naturals and didn’t struggle hardly at all. I have also had those who have had to fight for whatever they try to do. I find for myself, I fall into the latter. I have over the years achieved a way to approach everyone and get success at some level.

     I have put together a plan to give a new student, things to do every time I see them. If the student is a beginner, the lessons are cut from stone. If I have an intermediate, I have to access what that individual is able to do and what I can do to direct them to the next level. If I get an advanced student, it becomes interesting for both of us.

     To expect anyone to remember what I tell them is not going to happen. I have a workbook that I have put together. I studied with the best teachers and there are things that everyone needs to be able to do. Interlock is the book. It is in two volumes. Book 1 and Book 2. Interlock is almost entirely put into videos that you will have access to. I am starting to shoot new things and will have 100’s of videos for every level of the student. I am a graduate of California State University Northridge with a bachelor’s in music. I feel I am a lot better than some of the professors I have had. I lay out the work so there is a clear path to follow.

     There is no substitute for practice. In working with me you can get into difficulty quick if you don’t do what is expected. This is not hard if you cooperate. On this page, I will display some of the charts and videos.

Planed lessons

Here are some of the charts from Interlock.

Here is an example of the videos I use from Interlock.