Myself and the Gibson

I have the site working and happy with the streaming site. Admittedly I have some issues with styling and layout to work on. The next steps would be getting recognition and viewers. I have a blog attached to the site and want to do something intelligent and humorous at the same time. I am not a dead serious type to begin with. But, there are things to observe and be aware of when doing this.

I don’t want to offend anyone and not talk bad about anything musical. Most people that know me know I am not a fan of rap that is gangster or criminal in nature. I am though, much more concerned that anyone can listen to what they want without being told they are wrong for doing so. I am seriously political and I know for most people that is a divisive point of contention. I will find out where my boundaries are by just being me and being honest.

I very much want to shed light on the business of music and how it has changed for everyone. I want to expand on the technology that has allowed a whole new method of musical expression and how it has allowed anyone access to the public. The current state of music coming out of a pandemic is extremely important as all facets of the industry are crawling back from near death and trying to pick up the pieces. I also need to just think and a lot. Everyone is going to have opinions and differences in musical taste.

So off I go to make this a great year and be successful and get back to playing out and teaching full time. I use to hold over 60 plus students a month!

Wish me luck.