LaBash Guitar Lessons

Lessons in home and Rec centers. In home the first lesson is free!


This is the cover to the first book I give everyone. It has all the charts we will need at first. As a student gets better and more proficiant, we will use Canvas and Ultimate Guitar for study. Everything is done ahead of time and no need to write charts at lessons.

The Course Discription

The three levels are begginer, intermedite and advanced. I have a general story line that works very well, but people are different and there is wiggle room with everything .

I always say this the first time we meet.

“You will teach me, how to teach you”

Canvas and Zoom

The Canvas is very well thought out. There plenty of things to do for all levels. I will have your emails and phone number to use. During the pandemic, almost everybody had to use Zoom. It is easy and if you are sick or just unable to make your lesson, I can use Zoom. It works great!